Must-Have Software Integrations to Make the Most of Your IP Phone System

Posted by: Brian Van Meter, Community Marketing Specialist on Jun 7, 2018 This blog was originally posted on The way we communicate and go about our daily lives are becoming exceedingly interconnected. Right now, you could be reading this blog post on a device that sends an email, shoots off an instant message, or initiates phone […]

Everything You Need to Know About a Wireless Mesh Network

Posted by: Johanna Brito, Marketing Communications Manager on May 24, 2018 This blog was originally posted on The idea is simple- mesh means that various mesh nodes help spread a network connection across a large area by “talking” to each other and forming a connection. Essentially, a wireless mesh network is an alternative to the traditional WiFi […]

The Internet-of-things is Driving the Future of SIP Endpoints

Posted by: Phil Bowers, Senior Marketing Manager on May 15, 2018 This blog was originally posted on Like any technology, VoIP requires constant innovation and adaptation in order to keep up with the always-changing way we live and work. Over the past decade, VoIP has shifted from being a voice protocol to the powerful unified communications engine […]

Integrating Facility Access Solutions with the GDS3710 IP Video Door System

Posted by: Dorothy Murach, Marketing Manager on May 8, 2018 This blog was originally posted on If you’re familiar with Grandstream, you know we’re not just a hardware provider, we’re also a solutions provider. Whether its IP communication solutions, networking, surveillance or a total Unified Communications suite, we’re here to provide comprehensive solutions that integrate technologies across […]

Examining the Future of the Smart Office

Posted by: Phil Bowers, Senior Marketing Manager on May 1, 2018 This blog was originally posted on   Smart homes are the buzz over the past few years. Some of the largest consumer-focused brands in the world, including Google and Amazon, are making the smart home mainstream through easy-to-use and affordable solutions. Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Assistant, Nest’s […]

Best Practices and Tips to Increase Security in VoIP Networks

Posted by:  Johanna Brito, Marketing Communications Manager on Apr 25, 2018 This blog was originally posted on   Let’s face it, security in VoIP is a top concern, especially when multiple locations and users are connected under the same network— if something goes wrong, that means your entire system and everyone in it is affected. Thankfully, […]

On-Premise vs. Hosted IP PBX- Which One is Right for You?

Posted by:  Dorothy Murach, Marketing Manager on Apr 10, 2018 This blog was originally posted on The on-premise vs. hosted IP PBX battle continues, which to choose? Each IP PBX option comes with its own characteristics and benefits, and the key is to determine which works best for your business’s unique needs. While it may seem […]

Video Conferencing is More Popular Than You Think

Posted by: Phil Bowers, Senior Marketing Manager on Mar 13, 2018 This blog was originally posted on For most people, video conferencing elicits a vision of sitting in a conference room and staring at people in another conference room— this is the traditional use of video conferencing. However, video collaboration tools are being used very creatively in […]

TIPS for Choosing an IP PBX for Your Business

An IP PBX is a private branch exchange, telephone switching system within an enterprise. The call switching is done using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) between users on the local lines and at the same time allowing the users to use a certain number of external phone lines. An IP PBX can also switch a […]

5 Reasons Why Your Business Networks Need Captive Portals

Posted by Phil Bowers, Senior Marketing Manager on Dec 12, 2017 This blog was originally posted on If you have been following us recently, you’ve probably seen mention of captive portals. In this blog post, we are going to take a deep dive into what exactly a captive portal is and why it’s a critical component and […]