Benefits of Offering Free WiFi in Businesses

By Johanna Brito, – Marketing Communications Manager
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We already know that WiFi is almost everywhere we go— but, should it be implemented at your business as well? There are many benefits of offering complementary WiFi to your consumers. And while it may seem like the investment is one-sided, businesses end up profiting thanks to the addition of free WiFi on premises. If you are unsure how providing WiFi can significantly improve your business, this list of benefits can provide some answers.

Increased time spent on premises = increase in sales

In today’s digital era, consumers’ use and demand in WiFi is constantly growing. This applies to consumers that visit your business as well. Providing free WiFi for paying consumers means they will spend more time in your business and in turn, be inclined to spend more money. In fact, IGR reports that businesses see a 72% success rate in increased sales after implementing free WiFi.

Stay competitive and improve consumers’ satisfaction

If your business is not in on the WiFi craze, it’s missing out. Keeping up with consumer’s expectations is important. That means making sure your business stays relevant and up to par with competition, including the implementation of free WiFi. Iconic Displays says that 60% of consumers can’t go more than a day without WiFi. What’s more, 75% of surveyed said that a week without WiFi would leave them grumpier than a week without coffee. Think about all the happy customers you’ll have if your business provides free WiFi?

Improve foot traffic (and your business’ revenue while you’re at it)

WiFi has become crucial in consumers buying behavior.  It’s reported that 64% of consumers make a restaurant decision based on WiFi availability (Accenture). Even the least tech-influenced age group (+45) are positively influenced by on premise WiFi at a whooping 79%. Those are fact-defining numbers that prove WiFi can sway your consumers to step into your store and start spending money if they like what they see.

Combine free WiFi with your marketing strategies to increase conversions

A smart business owner knows what drives most business’s decisions is making money— so why not apply that mentality here. Use your complementary service and mix your killer marketing strategies to get, engage and convert consumers. One strategy making a buzz is called Social WiFi. Instead of just giving your WiFi away, require users to login through their social media accounts. This gives you access to valuable data, like their email address. Use that information to send discounts, promotions or simply engage with your consumers in real time.

Added value and repeats consumers

As if the above list wasn’t enough, one last benefit of offering free WiFi in your business is added value. This might not necessarily have a monetary value, but it does enhance customer relations. Small perks like free WiFi shows them you care about their needs before anything else. That in turn makes them feel appreciated, which increases their chances of becoming repeat consumers. Small steps lead to big gains!