5 IP Communications Myths Busted

Posted by: Johanna Brito, Marketing Communications Manager on Dec 6, 2017 This blog was originally posted on Grandstream.com I want to help simplify VoIP. Especially for those of you thinking about implementing VoIP or even those who are simply curious about IP communications. Switching an entire communication hub from analog to IP can seem scary. You might think that upgrading […]

Choosing the Right VoIP Phones for Your Business and Home

Nothing works better to keep the workers in touch with each other in an organization than a standard basic desktop IP phone. Organisations tend to have a lot of work which calls for good inter-departmental communication. With desktop phones, the productivity of an organization achieves stability as light to medium call volume can be handled […]

3 Tactics for Perfect Communication

Posted by Phil Bowers, Senior Marketing Manager on Dec 12, 2017 This blog was originally posted on Grandstream.com It is surprising how impactful proper communication practices are, especially when having access to powerful communication tools. A rambling voicemail, incorrect or unneeded punctuation, cc’ing colleagues without explanation, and even an extra bolded word are a few examples of how […]

Why you should choose VoIP gateway over analog connection

It is the time for you to buy the new phone system for your business. Which one will you choose? Traditional phone systems, that you have used in the past years or the new launched VoIP phone system, which you currently heard about in the market. While there are many people, who are having more […]

The GDS3710 is So Much More than Just a Security Device

Posted by Phil Bowers, Senior Marketing Manager on Dec 12, 2017 This blog was originally posted on Grandstream.com Since we launched our GDS3710, it has gotten a lot of attention for the tremendous security functionality it offers. The GDS3710 puts a streaming, HD security camera at the entrance to any building entrance while enabling you […]

Big Data and Why it Matters

Posted by: Johanna Brito, Marketing Communications Manager on Dec 6, 2017 This blog was originally posted on Grandstream.com What’s the big deal with “big data”? The way businesses manage data is progressing and becoming an essential vessel in their business model. The combination of analytics and data can help businesses not only make better decisions but discover […]

Ways to Provide Best Customer Support Using Exclusive Tools Featuring The Importance of Modern Technology

Good customer experience always helps a company to grow with a global recognition. Thus, it’s important to give your customers a better experience since loyal customers come out as a great way to improve your company’s overall reputation. A positive feedback from a valuable customer comes out as a great thing increasing your business’s revenue. […]

“Controllerless” Doesn’t Mean Out of Control

By: Kate Clavet, Content Marketing Specialist This blog was originally posted on Grandstream.com If you’re new to WiFi or used to deploying access points for large enterprises, the word “controller-less” might be confusing. Traditionally to manage access points across a business, a separate piece of hardware referred to as a “controller” would be installed along […]

A Few Basic Tips to Answer Business Phone Calls to Impress Your Clients

Answering telephone calls is always a very crucial as well as favorite part of sales for any business. This means that the way you answer any phone call serves to create the first impression for new callers of your business. Exploring Smarter Options Even in the days of web inquiries, texting, e-mail, or social media, […]

Growing Trends of Video Conferencing

Posted by Johanna Brito, Marketing Communications Manager on Nov 7, 2017 This blog was originally posted on Grandstream.com Raise your hand if you’ve recently attended a webinar or online meeting. Just last week I attended 3 online meetings and 1 webinar. Chances are, you’ve probably been to a few yourself. That got me thinking: video conferencing is not just […]