Our Expertise Delivers Results for Your Business

The only original manufacturers of SIP. Grandstream brings in more knowledge, experience, and expertise. Our products are been accolades with awards over 150 countries. Our approach is design and manufacture for enhancing and uplifting the Unified Communication. In addition, our open-source SIP products are compatible with any other SIP services and devices.

We Cover All Your Telephony Needs

From over 15 years, Grandstream has been making IP. We had and always deliver high-quality and reliable devices that imbibe innovation. Grandstream under its basket a great and branded clientele along with a large portfolio including Basic IP, Mid-Range IP, and High-End IP phones, Cordless and Video Phones.

Stay in Charge of Your Video Conferencing Solution

Grandstream has built the most flexible video conferencing devices under the name GVC series. It allows enterprises and businesses to communicate via any platform. The options that are created by our products are nearly endless. Like by choosing popular SIP or H.323 platform and using GVC is an easy and cost-effective way to communicate on an existing solution.

Secure and Powerful Wireless Networks

Grandstream WiFi Access Point and Routers are building for guaranteeing secure and powerful wifi networks. It is also to make such easier and affordable. Grandstream devices are state-of-the-art devices with full of high-end features. In addition, marketing-leading price along with easier setup and management is the desired offering by us.

Integrate Existing Analog Solutions

Being one of the world’s leading providers of analog telephone adapters and VoIP Gateways, we had and always advance our products and solutions. Our devices are more popular via word-of-mouth by largest service providers companies. Grandstream HT series of ATAs and GXW series of gateways let businesses or user to maintain the utility of older analog equipment and at the same time get it integrated with modern SIP network.