Powerful & Secure Networks

If you are looking for powerful and secure networks that have wide coverage range, then GWN series of Networking Solutions is your answer. We offer feature industry-leading setup and management. And, it is all because our products are having embedded provisioning and management controllers. This series is a complete wired and WiFi solution that have WiFi Acess Points and Gigabit Routers.

Powerful WiFi Networks

GWN series of WiFi Access Points are made such that they easily support all your WiFi needs. With these, you can build powerful networks. These powerful networks have fast connections of up to 1.75GBps and wide-ranging coverage of up to 175 meters. To enhance the utility of GWN Series, all the products provides APs supports up to 16 SSIDs. So that businesses can have many different networks and login credentials in order to enable customization of our network offerings.

Secure Networks

The only series in the market that provides high-end WiFi encryption technologies to protect your APIs and networks. Our router adds a variety of firewall features. In addition, Grandstream offer state-of-the-art security features. You will not found such as ours in most the other access points including anti-hacking protection, network data/settings protection, unique security certificates, and default passwords per device.

We've Made Network Management Easy

GWN series router and APs comes with an embedded controller. So that it is easy for businesses for them to set up and manage entire networks just from one central location (via the web user interface). And so, without any need of separate hardware or software controllers with GWN series’ deploy and manage entire networks via web user interface.

Keep Employees In Sync with VPN Networks

VPN networks allow the business of any kind, scale, and more importantly having different locations to share networks and resources. Building VPN networks with GWN series routers and utilizing wireless access to VPNs, businesses in-sync and gets connected like never before.