The GVR3550 is the most powerful Network Video Recorder (NVR) in the market. It offers small to medium businesses easy-to-manage video surveillance recording and monitoring solution. So, do video recording, indexing, and searching and video storage management of up to 24 IP video cameras and allow monitor IP video surveillance network just with a single device. Moreover, GVR3550 supports 16TB of video storage and up to 4 hard drives.


The GVR3550 Network Video Recorder (NVR) lets small to medium businesses and residential user’s video recording, indexing, searching and video storage management for up to 24 IP video cameras- using one single device. It can also be viewed and managed by connecting the GVR3550 directly to a TV or computer monitor. Even through the web user interface. It supports all Grandstream IP Video surveillance cameras and IP Video Encoders/Decoders. It automatically detects Grandstream devices. The best part is that users can view the live feed of up to 16 cameras simultaneously. And, can save up to 16TB of video files by connecting up to 4 hard drives.


  • Up to 24 channels of 720p HD or 12 channels of 1080p HD audio/video real-time recording
  • Fully customizable recording rules: time based, event based, manual or automatic
  • Automatic discovery for IP cameras on the local network
  • Up to 4 SATA 3.5” internal hard drives with maximum 16TB storage and RAID 0 or RAID 1 configurations
  • Complete security features including role based access control, event/system logs and hard drive content encryption

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