We Have an IP Phone for Every Need

Grandstream’s portfolio of IP phones is quite large and meets the need of businesses of all kinds and scale. So whether you need a basic, mid-range, high-end, video or cordless phones, we have it. Grandstream also gives a free softphone app, Grandstream Wave as complimentary. Further, Grandstream IP phones are compatible with all the third party SIP service or devices. In addition, pairing Grandstream IP phones with our UCM series of IP PBXs enhances the business communication process.

We have a phone for every need...

We offer a wide-range of IP phones in order to offer the ideal model for any setting.

Basic IP phones are simple and easy-to-use IP phones.

Mid-Range IP Phones have all the mid-range capacity and a high-end design.

High-End IP Phones are designed for call-intensive users.

IP Video Phones for Android offer a powerful voice, video and web portal.

With DECT Cordless IP phones mobilization is at its peak.

Grandstream Wave softphone app let users access others SIP accounts on mobile devices.

Video Takes Your Calls to the Next Level

Revolutionizing IP Video Phones GXV3200 series combines a powerful video calling platform. It has the functionality of an Android tablet and 6-line IP Phones. These devices are made for the Android operating system. It also offers full access to the Google Play Store so that users can leverage calling and video conferencing with Skype, Google Hangouts and more. Last but not the least, a device to device video call through SIP is one of the desired features.

Add Mobility to Your Telephony Solution

With DP series of DECT cordless IP phones, mobilization part of VoIP solution is at the peak.

Grandstream Wave Softphone- a free Android and iOS mobile app – allows businesses to access 6+ different SIP accounts.

UCM series of IP PBXs feature various tools so that forwarding of calls to mobile phones or other extensions is easy and fast.